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The UV MICRO-PUCK Integrator is a high quality UV-measuring system used to measure the UV-dose in hard to reach areas. The wireless design and the compact form factor of the sensor makes this task easy.

The base version of the Micro-Puck has a measuring range of 230-410 nm. However, the sensor is available in many different UV-spectral ranges. Please select the version that meets your requirements.

Note: In case you need to measure more than one spectral range, we recommend the UV-Micro Puck Multi Integrator. This instrument can handle up to eight sensors with many spectral ranges and shapes.

The wireless sensor is placed at the measuring location and will accumulate the received UV radiation. Once the measurement is completed, the sensor is simply plugged into the hand unit to display the UV-dose in mJ/cm2.

The measured value is stored automatically in the hand unit and can be recalled at any time, as long as it is not overwritten by storing a new measuring value. 

The sensor internal memory stores previous measurements to allow for additive readings. To reset just press the RESET button, when the sensor is plugged in. 

The display range can be changed to read low and high UV-energy values. The unit can display UV doses reading up to 0 to 2,000 mJ/cm2 or 0 to 20,000 mJ/cm2 in x10 mode, while the sensor can take UV intensities of up to 5,000 mW/cm2.

Rectangular Sensor Dimensions: 15 x 12 x 40 mm (H x W x L)
different sensor shapes are available on request

In order to keep its full function and precision it is recommended to have re-calibration done once per year. Re-calibration will also be necessary after change of battery. Ongoing, PTB traceable calibration with certificate. See SKU 69600 for details.

Two years from the date of purchase

The UV MICRO-PUCK measuring system consists of:

  • the hand unit
  • the sensor
  • warranty card
  • calibration certificate
  • carrying case
Important Note:
The unit and the sensor creates one calibrated combination. It is not possible to use a sensor from another unit or a sensor with a different spectral response with the hand unit. If you need to measure more than one spectral ranges, please look at the UV Micro-Puck Multi, which supports up to 8 sensors. 

UV MICRO-PUCK Integrator

Description Value Unit
Product Type Original UV Design Instrument
UV Range Sensor depending nm
Measuring Range 0 - 5,000 mW/cm2
Recording Cycle unlimited s
Base Accuracy 5 ± %
Display LCD, 2 x 16 digits
Display Range 0 - 2,000 & 0 - 20,000 (x10) mJ/cm2
Power Source 2 x 3.7V LiPo Battery
Power Consumption 20 µA
Battery Life 1,000 charging cycles
Length 130 mm
Height 25 mm
Width 75 mm
Weight 150 grams
Data Sheet issued 4/6/2022
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