Lamp Express is a manufacture and distributor for technical lighting products. We supply high quality emitters for virtually all equipment at your facility. We have been manufacturing and distributing UV and IR lamps since 1960.

What sets us apart from our competition, simply is the fact that we can source any UV or IR lamp. Our roots go back to our manufacturing plant in Germany, founded by Siegfried Theimer, in 1960. Foreseeing the market potential in North, Central and South America, we strategically opened Lamp Express USA as a North American Sales and Distribution Center in 1990.

Till this day our company and the factory back home is still operated by the founding family. Transitioning now into the third generation we look forward to continuing our strive to be the leader in industrial lighting.

For the past 40 years we have been serving various industries with only the best products available on todays market. As times have changed we have incorporated a larger product portfolio than ever before.

Making the Switch, a constant dilemma for UV and Infrared (IR) system owners is that the manufacturers will enforce their warranty or service agreements by invoking a rule that the use of non-OEM curing or drying lamps will void any warranty or system performance expectations. This creates a legitimate concern for any company considering an alternative lamp supplier.

After designing and producing UV and IR lamps for over 50 years, Lamp Express is very comfortable offering our assurance that we are not aware of any instances of Lamp Express lamps causing equipment damage or sub-standard performance.

Lamp Express is the only lamp company founded as a partner of a UV system OEM. This important history has allowed Lamp Express to intimately learn about UV and IR system intricacies and apply this knowledge to producing lamps for our partners as well as other OEM companies. As a result, we have experienced significant growth in both aftermarket lamp sales and repeat business for a variety of UV and IR curing system manufacturers.

There is no doubt that equipment manufacturers are very eager to retain the often lucrative spare parts market and often use the subject of warranties to do this. Our customers have typically dealt with this issue by continuing to rely on the consistency, reliability and competitiveness of Lamp Express product and service. The price you pay includes no compromises on raw materials or design steps, just elimination of additional markups. You may contact your Lamp Express sales representative for additional answers to your questions about UV curing lamps or IR drying lamps.

We look forward to starting our new service or continuing our long support of your business.

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