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The ParvaSens device is an industry first device, that reads
 UV-C radiation and compares the calculated dose to an integrated database of microorganisms, such as Bacteria, Molds and Viruses. UV disinfection is not a matter of seconds. It takes minutes if not many hours to effectively destroy microorganisms. To be sure, you need to measure the UV-dose with the ParvaSens.

This makes it possible for the first time,
 to directly verify if a given area has been
 UV-disinfected without any lab testing!

Did you know?
Sterilization and the disinfection of surfaces is not a simple task. UV-radiation propagates in a straight path from the source (ie: UV-C Robot). Unfortunately, shaded or far away surfaces may only receive very little or no UV, compared to surfaces hit by direct irradiation. This leads to different UV-doses at any given location.

UV-light has been used for many years to disinfect surfaces from microorganisms as an alternative to chemical cleaning. Due to the increased awareness, caused by the onset of the Covid pandemic, the disinfection with UV-light has become more mainstream. A flood of UV-devices appeared on the market promising perfect results in seconds, without any proof if this really is the case. The ParvaSens makes it possible for everyone to measure the disinfection power of any UV-C light source, effortless and accurately.

How does the ParvaSens work? 
The ParvaSens will actively look for UV-C light and continually compares the energy to an internal database of microorganisms (Bacteria, Mold and Viruses). It then displays progress bars to show the actual deactivation level. This works with all effective UV-C devices including robotic devices that move UV-lights across a room. This technology is only available in the ParvaSens products. 


Four lab standard, user selectable De-Activation levels (DA %) are available : 
90, 99, 99.9 and 99.99 % 
A DA of 99% means, that 99% of all bacteria for example, are deactivated once the ParvaSens has detected enough UV-C. 
Higher DA% require much longer exposure times. As soon as a UV-C light source is turned ON, the ParvaSens measures the dose (intensity x time) and compares that to the internal database. 

bar graph

Bacteria, Mold and Viruses require different deactivation doses. The ParvaSens shows a bar graph for each group separately. As soon as sufficient UV-has been detected to deactivate a group of microorganisms such as bacteria,
a green LED will turn on.
An additional feature of the ParvaSens is the UV-C scan function. The unit permanently monitors the surrounding for the presence of UV-C light, no matter if a measurement is taking place or not.

For the safety of the operator a blue LED flashes if harmful UV-C is detected.


The instrument comes in two flavors:

ParvaSens Basic
The ParvaSens Basic is tailored to all users that need easy to understand results without any scientific lingo. This makes it perfect for everyday use in hospitals, doctor’s offices and everywhere else were no frills disinfection is a daily chore.

ParvaSens Advanced
The ParvaSens Advanced has all the features of the ParvaSens Basic plus it makes scientific data available, such as time under UV-C (s or min), average lamp power (mW/cm2) and total dose received (J/m2).

In order to keep its full function and precision it is recommended to have re-calibration done every year. See SKU 69600 for details.

Two years from the date of purchase

The ParvaSens measuring system consists of:

  • the ParvaSens unit
  • connection cable
  • power pack
  • charging cable
  • tripod
  • operating manual
  • storage box

download the ParvaSens leaflet

download the ParvaSens manual


Description Value Unit
Product Type Original Lamp Express Instrument
UV Range 230 -280
Measuring Range 0 - 2,000 mW/cm2
Sampling Rate
max Sampling Time
9999 min
Display 0.68" OLED
Display Type mW/cm2 & J/m2 (ParvaSens Advanced only)
Power Source USB-A
Power Consumption 80 µA
Operating Temperature
5 - 35
C deg
Height 15.3 / 18.9 with LED
¼" tripod thread

Weight 110
Data Sheet issued 2/23/2023
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