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This instrument is a pocket-sized laser power meter featuring outstanding design and portability.

The Sanwa LP10 is a Digital Laser Power Meter that features a 4039 count LCD display with an analog bar graph. This is used in checking and maintenance of the optical power levels of equipment using laser light.

Using 633 nm of a He-Ne laser as the reference wavelength, this instrument enables direct reading of the optical power of visible-range laser light from a visible laser source - pointer, DVD player’s optical pickup, etc. The power of other wavelengths can also be measured by converting the reading according to the spectral sensitivity characteristic table (typical values).

The light sensor in this device is a silicon photodiode (light sensor surface diameter 9 mm) with a diffusion sheet. It can measure wavelengths within the 400 nm to 1100 nm range. The cleverly designed cover folds flat in back of the unit when in use, and protects the unit when closed.

  • Small stick shape sensor probe
  • 4039 counts with analog bar graph
  • Silicon photodiode
  • Measuring range 0.1μW~40mW
  • Max/Min hold
  • Auto power save
  • Cord length 500mm
Includes meter, stick sensor and instruction manual.

Meter Dimensions: 4½" × 3" × ¾" (114 × 76 × 19 mm)

Weight: 3.9 oz (111 g)


Light sensor element Si photodiode (Light sensor surface diameter Ø 9 mm)with diffusion sheet
Measurable wavelength range 400 nm to 1100 nm
Directly-readable wavelength 633 nm(He-Ne laser)
Other wavelengths should be converted using typical correction factor
Display Digital display: 4039 full scale
Bar graph display: 41-segment display
Sampling rate Digital display: Approx. 3 times/sec.
Bar graph display: Approx. 30 times/sec.
Ranges 40 μW range: 0.01 μW to 40.39 μW
400 μW range: 0.1 μW to 403.9 μW
4 mW range: 0.001 mW to 4.039 mW
40 mW range: 0.01 mW to 40.39 mW
Measured object CW laser, the modulated laser connot be measured accurately
Power supply LR44 1.5V×2
Size/Mass 117(H)×76(W)×18(D)mm / approx. 120 grams
Light sensor probe 84(H)×16(W)×10(D) mm
Sensor cord length Aprox. 0.5 m when extended

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