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The Inca SubZero 085 A compatible* lamp, is a high quality bulb made with the finest raw materials. It is designed to provide high actinic output and long service life. The optimized spectral output guarantees rapid curing and short exposure times with the industries best dot to dot quality.

The 135 mm long SubZero 085 A has a factory warranty of 600 hours.

  • optimized spectral output
  • short exposure times
  • short curing times
  • customer approved

Length:  135 mm

Spectrum:  HG

Warranty:  600 hours


* a compatible lamp is not the OEM lamp, but a Lamp Express designed replacement lamp, that matches or exceeds the original specification.

Inca Spyder 320, Spyder 320 + White, Spyder 320 E
HP Scitex FB910
Inca Spyder 320 Q, Spyder 320-8 Series, 320+
Inktec Jetrix 3015FQ, Jetrix 2513FRQ, 3015FQ
Integration Technologies Various Printers
IP&I Cube 1606
Microcraft MJP KNHbr> Oasis 2506-GJ
Raster Daytona
SkyJet 241805-5C, 41806-6C, 301807-7C
SkyJet 301808-4C, UV FlatMaster 2418, UV FlatMaster 2412
SkyJet UV GlassMaster 3022, UV-Belt-2008
SwisQprint Oryx
Yaselan YSL-D1600FBUV, Picasso Zünd UV JEt 215, 215+, 215C

Having trouble finding the right lamp for your system?
With over 30 years of experience, you can be sure that Lamp Express will find or manufacture the perfect bulb for your equipment.
Please contact us for more information.

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