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The NuArc FD 76 compatible* lamp, is a high quality xenon lamp, designed and manufactured in Germany. Our xenon arc lamps feature optimized spectral output and a long service life. They are the ideal light source for solar panel testing and solar weathering equipment.

The 390 mm long FD 76 has a typical lifetime of 600 hours.

  • optimized spectral output
  • ideal for solar weathering equipment
  • long service life
  • customer approved

Length:  390 mm

Spectrum:  XE

Typical lifetime:  600 hours


* a compatible lamp is not the OEM lamp, but a Lamp Express designed replacement lamp, that matches or exceeds the original specification.

Used in:
American DJSP-1500, SOB-1500, VDL-1500-ST, ZB-1500, S-1500, S1500, PS-1500, Power Flash 1500, Fire Cracker 1500, Quasar 1500, Power Strobe 1500, Mega Strobe 1500 DMX, Ascor, AL1124E Ascorlux Box Light Assembly, Botex, SP-1500 DMX Strobe, Burgess, A1144A, A1146B, A1147, AL1124E, AL1128A, Consolidated, SC32, Eurolite, Strobe 2700, GAM, XL100, Lampo-Sagitter, Digiflash Pro, Lumax, Macbeth, MX41H, AA12TQ60CB, Martin, 3000, NuArc, PXA6000, SST2024-1000, SST3131-1000, Stairville, Strobe 1500 DMX Power Strobe, PS1500DMX, Techni-Lux, Flasher 1500W DMX Strobe, ST-Flasher1, TEI Electronics, Starburst 750 Series 1500W, 1.5 KW Xenon, 12” Arc, Repro Kamera TA 02 A, Solarflex KA 03 A, Sixt RHI Sixt Nr.1033.003, Klimsch Expressa S

Having trouble finding the right lamp for your system?
With over 30 years of experience, you can be sure that Lamp Express will find or manufacture the perfect bulb for your equipment.
Please contact us for more information.

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