UV-Meter Diazo 350-460nm (Hand-Held)

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Please make sure to join our mailing list to stay informed about new products, special offers and more.The UV-Probe Integrator is a self-contained, high quality UV measuring instrument. It is designed to measure and display UV energy in mW/cm2. An additional function is the scan of the peak value of UV- intensity in mW/cm2 and to measure the UV dose in mJ/cm2 within a pre-set period of 30/60 seconds.

The instrument is perfectly suited to calibrate 3D printers such as StrataSys Objet units.

Due to its UV sensor and the integrated microprocessor the UV-Probe Integrator can measure and display the peak UV-intensity of the full UV spectrum (mW/cm2).
Additionally, this UV-Probe Integrator is calculating the UV-dose (mJ/cm2) of the UV energy supplied during the time of exposure of one measuring cycle. The UV-dosage is calculated as the total Integral of UV-dosage over the full UV spectral bands.
The removable, probe-type sensor is connected to the base unit by a cable of approx. 1 meter (40 ) length. In the function Direct the actual UV-energy in mW/cm2 supplied to the sensor is measured.

The function Scan will start a 30/60 second measuring cycle of both, UV-intensity and UV-dose. After completion of the measuring cycle the measuring results can be scrolled through on the built in 2 x 16 digit LCD display.

A special AUTO-OFF feature that turns off the unit automatically after one minute serves as energy saving and extension of the battery service life.


Description Value Unit
Product TypeOriginal UV Design Instrument
UV Range350-460nm
Power Input, max0 - 5,000mW/cm2
Measuring Range0 - 2,000mW/cm2
Sampling Rate0.005 (200/s)
Recording Cycle30s
Base Accuracy5± %
DisplayLCD, 2 x 16 digits
Display Range0 - 60,000mJ/cm2
Power Source2 x 3.6 V Lithium Battery
Power Consumption20µA
Battery Life2000
Data Sheet issued6/23/2020
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