UV-4C Microlog SD Color (Pass-Thru)

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The instrument measures, record and display the peak of the UV-intensity (mW/cm2) for each UV- band individually plus the peak of total UV energy.
Additionally, UV-dosage (mJ/cm2) is computed. The UV-dosage is calculated for each UV-band (UV-A, UV-B, UV-C and UV-V) individually and as total Integral of UV-dosage over the full UV-range.

Temperature from 0 to 230°F / 0 to 110°C is also measured.

The sensors are on the back of the unit which also serves as a heat shield. After completion of the measuring cycle the measuring results are instantly displayed numerically and graphically auto-scaled on the built in 45 x 34 mm (2 1/2 ) TFT colour display.

This Radiometer + Dosimeter is equipped with an SD-Memory Card Slot and an evaluation software for downloading the data to a computer.


Description Value Unit
UV Range315-410, 280-315, 230-280, 395-445nm
Temperature Range32 - 230° F / 0 - 110° Cdegrees
Power Input, max0 - 5,000mW/cm2
Measuring Range0 - 2,000mW/cm2
Sampling Rate0.02 (50/s)
Recording Cycle30-400s
Readiness Phase450s
Base Accuracy5± %
Display2.5" TFT Color Display
Display Range0 - 36,000mJ/cm2
Heat ProtectionHeat shield on back plate
Power Source3.7V LiPo Battery
Power Consumption80µA
Battery Life1,000 charging cycles
Data Sheet issued7/16/2018
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