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The KX 105 is a high quality xenon lamp. It features high output and long service life. The xenon output spectrum matches daylight closely and guarantees excellent results. Short arc xenon lamps made by Hamamatsu in Japan are available as well as Philips, Ushio and Superior Quartz short arc xenon products. Lamp Express is at the forefront in the solar panel manufacturing industry, as we supply custom xenon solutions for solar panel quality control equipment This high performance lamp has an output of 1056 WPI.
The 60 mm long KX 105 has a factory warranty of 600 hours.
Lamp Express continues to manufacture hard to find lamps for equipment. No other company has the capability to source or manufacture these lamps like Lamp Express.

Description Value Unit
Product TypeOriginal Theimer Lamp
Power Density416W/cm
Ozone freeNo
Arc Length48mm
End CapTH-12
Wire, left160mm
Wire, right160mm
TerminalMale Tab
Minimum Order Quantity1lamp
Application NotesUsed in:
Nuarc, FT18L, FT18L-1 NuArc, FT18L-2 NuArc, N1500 NuArc, N1500-1 NuArc, N1500-2 NuArc, NuArc, NuArc FT18L, NuArc FT18L-1, NuArc FT18L-2, NuArc N1500, NuArc N1500-1, NuArc N1500-2
NotesCoil shape
Data Sheet issued4/14/2020
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