AM 9518 XC Replacement

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The AM 9518 XC is a high quality InkJet lamp. It features high UV output and long service life. The matched HG spectral output guarantees short curing times and outstanding polymerization. This high performance lamp has an output of 238 WPI.
The 135 mm long AM 9518 XC has a factory warranty of 600 hours.
Lamp Express continues to manufacture hard to find lamps for older systems still in use today. No other company has the capability to source or manufacture these lamps like Lamp Express.

Description Value Unit
Product TypeBLUETEC Replacement Lamp
Power Density94W/cm
Ozone freeNo
Length5 20/64inch
Arc Length85mm
End CapA_X1
Wire, left20mm
Wire, right20mm
min. Lifetime600hours
Minimum Order Quantity1lamp
Application NotesLamp Installation Service
Our technicians will clean and inspect your cassette and install the new lamp for you when this option is selected.
We will contact you with shipping instructions once the order is received.

Please note that a we don't install lamps in cassettes with blind reflectors or fried pc-boards.
NotesUsed in :
Oc‚ Arizona 250 GT / Arizona 350 GT / Arizona 350 XL / Arizona 350 XT, Fujifilm Acuity Advance HD2504 / Acuity Advance HD2545 / Acuity Advance HD2545 X2, Inktec Jetrix 3015FQ / Jetrix 2513FRQ, Skyjet UV Flatmaster R, Inca Spyder 320Q, Fuji Acuity 2504 HD
UV Jet 215, 215+, 215C
and many other printers
Data Sheet issued6/26/2019
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