TUV 335W XPT SE HO UNP/20 Original

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The TUV 335W XPT SE HO UNP/20 is a high quality germicidal lamp. Germicidal Ultraviolet lamp technology is a non-chemical approach to bacterial disinfection. UV light emitted by these bulbs, in the 100-280 nanometer range, destroys bacterial microorganisms. The matched see diagram spectral output guarantees effective disinfection results. The 1516 mm long TUV 335W XPT SE HO UNP/20 has a factory warranty of 1000 hours.
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Description Value Unit
Product Type972950 - Original Philips Lamp
Power Density2W/cm
Spectrumsee diagram
Length59 44/64inch
Arc Length1400mm
End CapG5.4X17Q
min. Lifetime1000hours
Minimum Order Quantity1lamp
Case Quantity20lamps
Product Code8718696452448
Application NotesMain Application: Disinfection
NotesTUV Dynapower system
Philips Dynapower system consists of an electronic DynaPower driver that operates one or two TUV Amalgam 230W, 260W and 335W XPT lamps.
This system is extremely reliable and robust. The driver allows for immediate energy savings compared to similar drivers on the market. Moreover, it can be dimmed down to 60% power level for additional energy savings.
Further energy savings are realized by the TUV Amalgam XPT lamps, because they can be dimmed down to reach the same UV output as similar lamps on the market.
Data Sheet issued10/28/2019
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