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Description Value Unit
Product TypePrinting Press
Press ManufacturerRyobi
Press Model755 P
Format75 x 60cm
Format29 x 21inch
Featuresmax. Geschwindigkeit 15.000 Bg/h RPC Autoplate semi automatic PCS-F Leitstand Ryobimatic Feuchtung Kühlung: Technotrans Alpha D Gummituchwascheinrichtung Diagonalverstellung des Registers autom. Wascheinrichtung: Farbe, Gummi.-, Gegendruckzylinder Preset Non Stop in An-und Ausleger Puderbestäuber: Grafix Digital
Impressions63 mio
Operating Statusin production
ConditionVery Good
Asking Price176000Euro
Asking Price211000USD
Price Baseon Truck / in Container
Important Machines are offered in cooperation with UGraMa, Germany
All offers are first come, first serve
Machines can be sold at any time without prior notice
Data Sheet issued12/12/2017
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29 x 21
63 mio
Press Manufacturer:
Press Model:
755 P