Glacier Cast Standard 3gal. Epoxy

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Glacier Cast Standard 3 Gallon

This UV Improved casting resin can be poured 1"- 3" in one session! A table builder and chemist designed this casting resin with ease of use and optimal working properties in mind. GlacierCast: Standard is intended and recommended for deeper or larger pours, and will take much longer to cure on smaller pieces such as jewelry and can be somewhat brittle on very small pieces.

Benefits include:

  • Low Viscosity
  • Long pot-life
  • Demold time 2-3 days depending on depth and ambient conditions.
  • Recoat time 16-24 hours
  • Yellow resistance, PoxyArmor U.V. can be added for more U.V. resistance (U.V. Test results to follow)
  • Tremendous bubble release and clarity
  • Low heat buildup
  • Simple mixing instructions
  • Versatile for use with colors
  • 3-5 year shelf life
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Minimal torching required

Keep humidity under 40% during pour for optimal results. Too much humidity can result in excess heat and bubbles.

Safety First !
Resin is a blast to work with but remember you must ALWAYS wear a Niosh approved respirator, 5-9 ply nitrile gloves and eye protection when using ANY epoxy resin.

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Description Value Unit
Product TypeOriginal PoxyTop Product
Composition2 Parts
Additive OptionsPending
Size3.0 gallons
Data Sheet issued9/12/2019
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